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Fiorentina’s boss Montella asks fans for patience

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The Italian Lega Serie A club started its preseason training today, as they also prepare to travel to the United States for their friendly matches.

Italian Lega Serie A side Fiorentina has started its preseason ahead of the 2019-2020 season.

And for manager Vincenzo Montella, this means “starting from scratch” as he asks fans for patience.

“I still feel at home after having been here on pre-season training so many times,” said Montella as reported by Football Italia.

“We are starting everything from scratch. I am feeling really very enthusiastic. (Director of sport Daniele) Prade said we need to be calm and patient, but also that we’ll have a competitive squad, so I am confident.”

“We want to get back out there and reboot. I urge patience from the fans, but also from myself, as I too would love to have everything right away, but it’s just not possible,” he added.

“We are working on the vision of the team and with that context, it’s easier to see who is more suited to one style of football or another. This is why it’s useful to have this time together.”

“Obviously, I’ve changed since I was first at Fiorentina. I am more mature now and understand better the dynamics of a club, although I am still a little impatient,” he said.

“I would’ve preferred to remain in one pre-season training camp, but I understand the club owners also wanted to see the team up close in America. President Rocco Commisso is very enthusiastic and it’s good to make him happy.”