5.- Juventus is stronger in the back with De Ligt.

Despite struggling during his first starts with Juventus, we have to give some credit to Matthijs de Ligt for his performance against Atletico.

cristiano ronaldo, juventus, serie a

Danilo reveals that Ronaldo thinks Brazil would’ve won five more World Cups with him...

Danilo and Cristiano Ronaldo developed a great relationship having played together both in Real Madrid and now in Juventus.

If it wasn’t for the Dutch youngster, perhaps Joao Felix and Diego Costa would’ve scored a few.

The goals that the Colchoneros scored during the second half were hardly under his control, we are talking about set-pieces that he couldn’t prevent.

Maybe if he was at that same spot when both goals came, he could’ve done something about it.

De Ligt will have a great season with Juventus, his adaptation is happening quickly and it’s turning out mostly positive.


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