3.- Sarri needs to use Dybala from the start.

Opinion: Tottenham Hotspur will miss Mauricio Pochettino

After making the decision to sack him, we will tell you why Mauricio Pochettino will be sorely missed by Tottenham Hotspur's fans.  Tottenham Hotspur's fans...

When Paulo Dybala came on the pitch, Juventus got a lot more dangerous on the ball and they created more chances that got all the Atletico Madrid fans very nervous.

We still don’t have a clue to why Paulo keeps getting left on the sidelines by all his managers, but his quality is truly unique.

We wish we had a better idea about this specific situation because there is no doubt that this player can be a leader on the pitch if he was given more opportunities.

Cristiano Ronaldo kept requesting his regularity last season, but there is something we aren’t being told about him.


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