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Five things we learned from Juventus’ draw vs Atletico

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1.- Atletico Madrid fans will always hate Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the preview of this match, we could already see Cristiano Ronaldo hoping that the Atletico Madrid fans would leave him alone.

This is like asking a child to not eat a cookie after leaving it in its hand, the Colchoneros despise Cristiano Ronaldo with all their soul.

They don’t care what they say to him on the pitch, all they want is to distract him as much as possible in order to prevent him from scoring a goal.

The very last play of the game, Ronaldo was dangerously close to scoring the winner but his shot went slightly wide.

The star’s reaction after that miss was priceless, he would’ve enjoyed it too much to not celebrate in front of a crowd that hates him as much as he doesn’t like them.

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