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Five things we learned from Man City’s win at Shakhtar

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1.- Pep has the game system completely controlled.

We already know this but we don’t mind reminding people about it as often as possible, Guardiola has an oiled machine for a team.

It doesn’t matter which players perform on the pitch, they will always play in the same manner and they will always entertain the fans.

The result matters for Pep, but he’s always been an advocate for making people feel like they got their money’s worth after 90 minutes.

Manchester City is arguably one of the most entertaining football clubs in the world right now, you know what you get when you come and watch them perform.

This is a quality that few managers in the world have, Pep is one of them.

What else did you learn from Manchester City’s victory at Shakhtar Donetsk? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.