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Five things we learned from Portugal’s win against Serbia

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After Portugal’s victory over Serbia, we need to talk about the five things we learned from this away victory from Ronaldo and Co.

The Portugal National Team traveled to Serbia on Saturday in order to play their third match of the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers.

We need to keep in mind that this squad is going through the same situation than the Netherlands, as they also played the UEFA Nations League final this year.

The Portuguese squad is shaping up to become one of the most competitive teams in the world, they defeated Serbia 4-2 in a demolishing performance.

We need to analyze this victory in detail, we will go through the five things we learned from Portugal’s win against the Serbian squad.

The current UEFA Nations League final champions proved that they are coming for the Euro 2020 as well, Group B just got a lot more interesting.

5.- Joao Felix still needs some time to adjust.

The young Atletico Madrid buck is still struggling to find his ideal place in the starting eleven, he is still very young and he basically plays Ronaldo’s position.

Manager Fernando Santos thinks the kid should progress a little slower with his national team, but he will soon make everybody realize how valuable he can be.

Joao will continue to be an important player for Atletico, and he will gradually transform into one of the best players on this squad.

Last night, Felix played for only 20 minutes and he left a few details of his quality.

The idea of for him to take Gonçalo Guedes’ place in the future, but he is still a long way from that.

4.- Bernardo Silva is one of Ronaldo’s ideal teammates.

The Manchester City star is the closest we will get to know how it would be to watch Ronaldo playing with Messi on the same squad.

He has similar characteristics to the Argentine, only he scores fewer goals than the FC Barcelona star.

Cristiano is one of the most benefited players from Silva’s presence.

Bernardo can be the one who can finally help Cristiano win the FIFA World Cup in 2022, should the Juventus player remain active by then.

Their partnership has transformed into a beautiful thing to watch, everybody in Portugal is excited about the possibilities.

3.- This Portugal side can win another major tournament.

Nobody imagined that the new generation of Portuguese players would be as talented as they are right now, they have some of the most exciting talents in a long time.

Their work as a unit is the main reason we believe that something great could be in store for them, they truly are one of the rivals to beat.

This Portugal side could only use better centre-backs in order to reach an even higher level, they have a few years left in order to find some new blood that can help them make that leap of quality.

2.- Portugal’s front line is absolutely scary for any rival.

It’s not just Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portugal squad has some really scary names on their roster and they could instill fear in anybody.

Bernardo Silva’s talent leads the way to players such as Bruno Fernandes, Joao Felix, and Gonçalo Guedes.

All of these names are stars of their respective clubs, they can truly make the competition shake with fear.

They were in full power last night and Serbia didn’t come close to their level, but we still want to see all of them playing together from the very beginning.

1.- Ronaldo is as sharp as ever.

The one reason why we believe that Portugal can keep winning major tournaments for many years to come is due to Cristiano Ronaldo’s longevity factor.

The team’s captain may be 34 years of age but he is just as sharp as ever, he scored the third goal after a Bernardo Silva assist.

Ronaldo doesn’t seem like he is slowing down any time soon, which means that he will enjoy this new generation for at least another five years.

Knowing how excited he is to keep breaking records, we can easily picture Cristiano playing the World Cup in Qatar and being an important part of it.

What did you think about Portugal’s victory over Serbia? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.