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Five things we learned from Real Madrid’s loss vs PSG

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1.- Zidane’s job is really in danger.

This goes hand and hand with the second spot on this list, the club’s situation isn’t really Zidane’s fault but he will still pay the consequences.

We are living in an age where football has no memory. The fans have turned their back on the most successful manager they’ve ever had.

They don’t care about the accomplishments he made only a couple of years ago, they only care about the immediacy that comes with fighting for a new title.

We’ve said this many times already, ‘Zizou’ should’ve stayed retired instead of listening to Florentino Perez’s pleas to return.

All the Frenchman did was stain an immaculate start of his career, his job will be on the line during the next couple of weeks.

Can you think of any other aspect of Real Madrid’s defeat in Paris? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.