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Five things we learned from Real Madrid’s win vs Granada

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2.- James Rodriguez is important for this squad.

We are all in awe with this man’s raw conviction to someday triumph as a Real Madrid player, James Rodriguez has overcome all adversity to this moment.

Just like that and with no previous warning, Zidane took him out of the list to play against Brugge last week.

The manager told the press that he was having physical problems, but James was part of the training session before the game.

It almost seems like the Colombian playmaker needs to convince Zidane that he is worthy of this club every single day.

Today was another proof that James needs to always play for Real Madrid, he took another stand with his goal against Granada.

The match was already complicated and losing three points was entirely possible, James’ goal erased any shred of doubt and eased tensions at the Bernabeu.