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Flamengo’s owner criticizes Barcelona’s refusal to pay €35 million for their star

Reinier, Real Madrid
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Reinier Jesus Carvalho is one of the brightest talents in Brazilian football in recent years, having already played 18 matches at the age of 17.

It looks like Barcelona are serious about signing Reinier.

However, Blaugrana’s initial offer didn’t satisfy Flamengo’s decision-makers. They aren’t the only ones interested in signing the midfielder.

After being asked about Barca’s interest in their star, Flamengo’s vice-president went out publicly about the negotiations:

“It’s time for European clubs to understand that we now have the means to hold onto any player.

“You want to buy one of our players? Better bring a lot of money, otherwise we’re not selling”

It’s clear that the South-American clubs want to take the stance against selling their best talents early.