Florentino confirmed that Sergio Ramos wants to leave

During a long interview with Onda Cero, president Florentino Perez confirmed that Sergio Ramos has an offer from Chinese football.

This Monday was quite incredible as we all woke up with the news that Sergio Ramos told Florentino Perez that he had an offer from China.

Jugones from La Sexta broke the news early in the day but nothing was confirmed yet, Florentino Perez made that a reality.

The Real Madrid president just visited the radio show known as ‘El Transistor’ from Onda Cero.

This is a program that is hosted by Spanish Journalist, Jose Ramon de la Morena.

This radio personality always gets exclusive interviews with Florentino Perez when things start getting a little too serious, they had a long conversation at midnight this Monday.

Perez wanted to clear the air about many different topics, but the most important one was Sergio Ramos’ future.

The news that broke earlier in the day was all the fans wanted to be cleared up, they obviously don’t want Sergio Ramos to leave Real Madrid.

However, the player is fed-up with the chairman and he believes he deserves to leave the club on his own terms.

Florentino confirmed what everybody feared, Ramos did ask to leave but he wanted to go for free.

This proposition was instantly rejected by Florentino Perez, who doesn’t want his player to leave without leaving any money in the club first.

Jugones reported that the offer from a mysterious club in China was of a €35 million-per-season contract for three years.

This means that Ramos got offered a total of €105 million after tax to play in Chinese football.

“Ramos’ team came to see me at my office,” said Florentino on Onda Cero.

“They told me that they wanted him to leave for free because transfers in Chinese football are very complicated.”

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“I told them that he couldn’t leave and we would talk to the Chinese club in question. It’s impossible that we let our captain leave for free because it could set a terrible precedent.”

“Ramos is the one who has the highest contract right now because he deserves it, he is one of our top players.”

“We haven’t received offers for Bale or any other player right now, only that one from China for Sergio Ramos.”

“I have done everything I could for Sergio, I care deeply for him. That alleged fight we had after the match against Ajax is a complete fabrication, I never heard him saying that he would leave if I paid him to do so.”

Ramos is reportedly sick of Florentino Perez.

Florentino Perez has a tradition of coming out in the press and discussing the situation that seems difficult, as a way to “put out the fire”.

However, this doesn’t mean that there is no problem between him and Sergio Ramos.

The player reportedly spoke to the club’s board when Cristiano Ronaldo left the institution, he predicted they would have a difficult season.

The Spanish defender blames Florentino Perez for everything that happened this season and he doesn’t want to be at the club anymore.

There is no way for Sergio Ramos to change his mind right now, the only way for him to stay is if Perez left his post as the club’s chairman.

This lack of relationship between both figures falls in line with several reports that have surfaced over the last year, Ramos doesn’t want Florentino to take any credit for his exit.

The player feels like he’s already done so much for the club, which is why he expects Real Madrid to let him leave on his own terms after everything he’s done for them during his time there.

What do you think Real Madrid should do with Sergio Ramos, let him leave or keep him against his will? Please leave your opinion in the comment section down below.


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