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Florentino Perez came to Real Madrid 19 years ago today

9 Jul 2001: Zinedine Zidane of France is presented with his shirt by Real Madrid President Florentino Perez and Di Stefano during a press conference to announce his signing for Real Madrid from Juventus of Italy, at the Palacio De Hielo in Madrid, Spain. Mandatory Credit: Allsport UK/ALLSPORT

It’s time to talk about Florentino Perez’s history at Real Madrid, the president turns 19 years since the first time he arrived as the chairman today.

It was 19 years ago today when Florentino Perez decided to get on the ballot for the Real Madrid elections, his economic power and pull with the associates was strong back then.

When he first started his campaign, nobody will ever forget that his biggest promise was to bring Luis Figo directly from FC Barcelona as the top transfer of his inaugural year in office.

Taking one of the best players from the club’s most hated rival was very seducing for all the Real Madrid supporters, a bold approach that eventually became Perez’s staple throughout his career.

The man kept his promise and he shocked the world after winning the election, he didn’t just bring Figo from Barça but he also paid a record-breaking transfer fee for him.

This move was the single most exciting act of loyalty to the club, this is what earned the respect of thousands of fans from Real Madrid.

We could say that Florentino started off on the right foot at this club, and his legend only grew exponentially from that moment forward.

There was an era in which he truly was the ‘King Midas’ of football. Any player he brought on board was a player who succeeded at the club, the legend of Florentino was built during his first few years in office.

The Zinedine Zidane effect.

Early in his presidency, Florentino Perez’s next master move was to bring the best player in the world on board to win the ninth UEFA Champions League.

Perez met Zidane in a public gala and he was very slick to ask him if he wanted to play for Real Madrid through a written message, ‘Zizou’ knew that he wanted to play there from the very beginning.

Perez has a very special way of seducing his players, but he had no idea that Zidane’s arrival would change the club’s destiny forever.

It wasn’t only the impact he made when he was a player, which was instantaneous.

Nobody ever imagined that Zinedine Zidane would become the most important manager in the club’s history.

The man has three consecutive Champions League trophies to back this claim, he truly is one of the biggest symbols in Real Madrid’s already impressive history.

That recent era of success is what brought the comparisons between Florentino Perez and Santiago Bernabeu.

The old president was the one who won five consecutive European Cups back in the ’50s, he had a similar transfer philosophy that Perez has today.

However, Florentino also made a lot of mistakes in 19 years and he learned to live with them over time.

Florentino Perez’s biggest mistakes at Real Madrid.

The first term was mostly successful for Florentino Perez, but it was far from perfect. The ‘Galacticos‘ policy was one that he adopted from the very beginning but was very destructive for many of the club’s players.

Comparing the academy products with the team’s biggest stars was Florentino’s first mistake as the president.

One that cost him his job after that first term, the man forgot about building a team and instead he wanted to put together collectible figures in a single club.

By his second term, Florentino came with the same approach of signing world-class players but another demeanor when it came to trusting locals.

This is what brought the chairman’s most successful era since he arrived 19 years ago, he knew how to perfect a formula that needed a few tweaks.

And finally, another mistake he corrected was the spending philosophy he adopted from the very beginning.

Investing large amounts of money in the best players out there should be the norm for Real Madrid, but Florentino learned that he can’t always spend that much money on players.

All that income is from the supporters and Perez quickly learned to take good care of that money, this is why the associates love having him as their president.

How much longer will Florentino Perez remains as the Real Madrid president? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.