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Florentino Perez’s message to Brahim Diaz at Real Madrid

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During Brahim Diaz’s presentation, president Florentino Perez gave the youngster a warm welcome but he also issued him a challenge.

Even though the winter transfer window has just begun for Real Madrid, president Florentino Perez seems determined in not signing any made players and Brahim Diaz’s arrival is the best example that he will keep the same policy of getting new talents with a bright future.

There has been speculation about Los Blancos getting players of the likes of Neymar, Kylian Mbappé, and even Eden Hazard but nothing has been completed yet.

Instead of moving forward on those possible signings, Real Madrid has completed Diaz’s transfer within a few days as many of the fans are confused about the decision because this is a player who is not well-known around the community.

But in the last five years at least, the president has actually not done such a bad job with young players who are very talented and have been able to prove their worth during the Zidane era.

The main difference between all those players and Brahim is very notorious, as the former Manchester City player is actually one of the most talented players in the world who is under 20 years old.

As one of the Pep Guardiola’s biggest investments and quite possibly one of the few who will most likely succeed in their careers, which means that he could be one of Guardiola’s biggest failures because he let Diaz go to the most hated rival in the manager’s career.

When you sit down and compare the player to other young talents at Real Madrid such as Marco Asensio or Lucas Vazquez, it’s evident that Diaz has a much more constructed set of skills that have been honed at Manchester City and developed to transform him into one of the best midfielders of his generation.

There are even comparisons of his style of play to that of Andres Iniesta, Florentino Perez was able to spot this quickly and didn’t even hesitate to sign him as quickly as he could.

The president is aware of how great of a transfer Brahim is, but he didn’t flinch when he addressed the youngster during his presentation this Monday at the Santiago Bernabeu.

“Today I want to show my enormous satisfaction for the arrival of a player who has that special talent and the values that can transform him into a very important figure for this squad,” said president Perez during Diaz’s presentation in a video picked up by Eurosport.

“He is a footballer filled with quality, magic, and a great personality who dreams of succeeding in football with this jersey and this sigil.”

“Dear friends, today we welcome our new player, Brahim Diaz. Dear Brahim, welcome to Real Madrid and welcome to the club that I want you to feel like home from now on.”

“You have chosen this club above any other squads that wanted to sign you, you have chosen the Santiago Bernabeu as your new home and the Madridistas will discover why you made it all the way to this club.”

“Never forget that our fans’ energy will serve you as motivation for each game you play. You are coming from one of the biggest clubs in Europe, a club that is our friend such as Manchester City.”

“With only 19-years old, you will wear the Real Madrid jersey for the first time and we are certain that you will feel unique sensations once you step on the Santiago Bernabeu’s pitch.”

“You also must not forget that you have arrived at the most demanding club in the world, a very exciting squad that will require you to give 100% of your commitment.”

“You have a major challenge ahead of you, but you have already proved your quality by winning the Premier League, the League Cup, and the Community Shield,” he concluded.

How long will it take Brahim Diaz to adapt to Real Madrid? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.