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Florentino’s transformation as Real Madrid’s president

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We give you a brief historical account of the way that Real Madrid went from a buyer to a selling club in less than 20 years, all thanks to Florentino Perez.

There is no doubt that Real Madrid under Florentino Perez has been under two different periods, both were successful in their own right but both of them had completely different philosophies. Back when the club’s president started his first spell leading the Spanish giants, he believed in a more globalized club that could win trophies by spending inhumane amounts of money and he never really paid attention to the player factory he had at his disposal. The arrivals of players like Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo Nazario, and even David Beckham, spoke clearly about Florentino’s flamboyant style of dealing with other clubs. The man became a true sensation who could convince any player to play for Real Madrid, but the model he utilized failed him miserably because the trophies simply stopped coming his way exactly after one year that Zinedine Zidane scored that magical volley in Glasgow. Things went downhill from there and the fans started doubting their president, Florentino stepped down a few years after failing to implement this model.

After a couple years of resting from the public eye and watching Real Madrid fall apart from the sidelines under president Ramon Calderon, the fans were in desperate need of a savior and they started to think that Florentino Perez needed to make a triumphant comeback regardless of his transfer politics. The man did come in with a bang after signing many world-class players for the squad, a pack that included Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Xabi Alonso, Alvaro Arbeloa, and Ricardo Kaká. Out of all the players that cost Los Blancos over €200 million overall, only the Brazilian didn’t reach the expectations but the rest were very successful at the club. Florentino’s model seemed to be working perfectly but something had changed in the president, nobody expected this brand new philosophy that has completely transformed Los Blancos from a club that was used to buying all the top quality players, into pro footballer factory that buys players with untapped potential and then sells them back for incredible figures.

Florentino’s new plan after the last spending spree.

The club’s president as intelligent as he’s always been, truly became a club management mastermind during his last five years leading Real Madrid. The man started tapping into a personal network of scouts he started setting around the world that has brought him many impressive talents to the club, the most prominent ones are located in Brazil and Spain as Florentino started paying a lot more attention to local players for the club’s future. After setting up these networks and just waiting for a little while, Florentino has managed to get Spanish players like Marco Asensio, Daniel Carvajal, Isco Alarcon, and Nacho Fernandez. But his outside network has brought him the ability to sign players of the likes of Casemiro, Raphael Varane, Vinicius, Mariano Diaz, and Federico Valverde. All of these players came at an early age and some of them got the chance to leave on loans and grow their skills to then return and win many trophies with the club. Florentino’s plans suddenly changed from a man who didn’t care about spending a lot of money for great players, to a true businessman who worried about the club’s economy.

This more austere approach is the reason all the club’s members are incredibly happy with the way that Florentino Perez has managed the club in the last decade, they understand his philosophy perfectly now and they almost never go against his decisions because they know that he is looking two or three steps ahead. Only this year, Real Madrid won their third consecutive Champions League and also closed the year with an estimated budget of €752 million which is 11% more than the club had closed the year with last season. Plus, the Spanish giants have transformed into a club that sells players with the fourth consecutive year selling over €100 million in professional footballers to other major clubs in European football. Doing things like this and still competing for trophies, is the perfect way for Florentino Perez to remain in power at Real Madrid until the day he decides to retire. Right now this man is untouchable because the fans know that their beloved club is in the perfect hands and great things will keep happening for them as long as Florentino is on their side.


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