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Fonte welcomes Nicolas Pepe to the EPL

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Lille teammate Jose Fonte is welcoming Nicolas Pepe to the English Premier League, as the footballer is set to sign for Arsenal.

Jose Fonte was Nicolas Pepe teammate while they were playing in French Ligue 1 club Lille.

But before that Fonte used to play for Crystal Palace, Southampton, and West Ham United in the English Premier League.

And with Nicolas Pepe set to sign for Arsenal, his teammate has welcomed him to the EPL.

“He’s incredible,” the Lille defender was quoted by The Express.

“If he can reach the same level, which I believe he will, which he did with Lille last season then Arsenal fans will be very happy.”

“He is super quick, he has a left foot which is silky, one vs one he is second to none,” he added.

“He finishes really good, he takes penalties, he takes free-kicks, he is a very, very accomplished player and I think Arsenal fans will be in for a treat for sure.”

“I’m not surprised at all [that many other clubs wanted Pepe],” he continued.

“It’s not always that you have a player like this.”

The footballer commented: “I’ve played with a lot of players and this kid is special. There’s no doubt about it, he’s special.”

“He can get to a very, very high level and can be one of the best in the world, 100 percent, I’m confident he has everything in place to get there.”