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Fonzie Roadrunner Davies is “crazy quick”

Davies, Bayern
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Liverpool and Canada defender Liam Millar insists he thought he was quick until he saw compatriot Alphonso Davies sprint.

Bayern Munich legend Thomas Muller recently referred to Alphonso Davies as “Roadrunner.” His Canadian compatriot Liam Millar insists Davies is “crazy quick.”

Davies has really shot to stardom this season as he has become a first-team regular for Bayern Munich.

The Canadian teenager has demonstrated fantastic poise, speed and an eye for goal.

It is his speed that Millar, an academy player at Liverpool is in total awe of.

Speaking to Goal, Millar admits he once thought he could match Davies, but he has now come to realize the truth.

He said:

“I used to think I could take Alphonso in a race, and then I watched the Chelsea game.”

“We haven’t officially raced yet, every time we go to, one of the coaches tells us to stop. They spoil our fun!”

“Fonzie is crazy quick.”

“Sometimes in training, we’d be up against each other and it was always a good battle.”

“I used to think maybe I could compete with him. I always thought it would be a close race and maybe he would just win, something like that?”

“Now? I’m kinda like…I think he might smoke me! Don’t tell him I said that!”

It really is no wonder that Alphonso Davies is one of the Bundesliga’s top prospects.