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Football Diaries: A history of football rules

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Joe Hart holting the rules of football book


Place Kick: A kick at the ball while it is on the ground, in any position in which the kicker may choose to place it.

Free Kick: The privilege of kicking at the ball, without obstruction in any manner the kicker may think fit.

Fair Catch: The catching of the ball after it has touched the person of an adversary, and before it has touched the ground or one of the side catching it. But a fair catch cannot be made if the ball is kicked from behind the goal line.

Hacking: Kicking an adversary intentionally.

Tripping: Throwing an adversary by the use of the leg.

Knocking on: When a player strikes or propels the ball with his hands or arms.

Holding: The obstruction of a player by the hand or any part of the arm below the elbow.

Touch: That part of the field on either side of the ground, which is beyond the line of flags.