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Football Diaries: A history of football rules

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1865 – Stretching of the goal post at a height of eight feet.

1866 – Introduction of the Offside rule

1869 – Introduction of goal-kicks.

1871 – The formation of the Football Association Cup was by Charles William Alcock.

1872 – Introduction of corner-kicks

rules of football
The advertisement for the first FIFA recognized international football match. Scotland and England played at the West of Scotland Cricket Club resulting in 0-0 draw.

1873 – Modification in the offside rule. As a result, an offside was now considered when a player passes the ball, and not when a player receives it

1875 – Introduction of the crossbar

1877 – Limitation of the match time to 90 minutes

1878 – The first use of whistle by the referees

1886 – Formation of the International Football Association Board by the combination of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland FAs

1891 – Introduction of Penalty kick

1894 – Referees get the complete control of a match

1902 – Modification of the penalty rule. Moreover, the introduction of the penalty box and penalty spot.

1904 – Foundation of FIFA in Paris

The foundation of FIFA in 1904, Paris