Football expert says departure from Arsenal was Sanchez’ best choice

According to Sky Sports pundit Mark McAdam, the Chilean’s career in England has been very difficult, but he can still develop into a great player.

Alexis Sanchez left the Americas in 2011 to join Barcelona.

And the Chilean stayed with the Blaugrana for three years, before leaving for Arsenal in 2014.

And after a very difficult 2017-2018 season, he joined Manchester United.

According to Sky Sports football expert Mark McAdam, this might have been the best choice for the Chilean.

“I feel sorry for him because I don’t want to see a footballer – particularly someone as talented as Alexis Sanchez – fail on the biggest stage,” he was quoted by The Express.

“And that’s what’s happening at Manchester United.”

Van Persie suggests Alexis Sanchez should quit Man United

Robin Van Persie has suggested an unhappy Alexis Sanchez should end his Manchester United nightmare amid Inter Milan interest.

“He was unreal at Arsenal. The number of times I watched him drag that team towards three points,” he added.

“It just hasn’t worked out at Man Utd and I feel he deserves an opportunity to prove himself elsewhere.”

McAdam explained: “He has the quality. Players don’t become bad players overnight. He will go on to prove he’s a good player.”


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