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Top 5 best football managers without a job in 2020

Top 5 best football managers without a job in 2020
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Who is the best football manager available in 2020? Find out here as we go through the Top 5 coaches without a job.

Being a football manager in 2020 can be one of the most demanding and stressful jobs worldwide. The pressure is on to deliver straight away regardless of the circumstances.

Many coaches sadly fail to deliver the club’s desired results and lose their jobs.

As we’re all aware, though, sacking a manager isn’t always the best solution. Sometimes it brings a short-term fix, ends disastrously, or works out ok – either way, it’s a gamble.

Finding a decent replacement is nether is easy as well, with the coaching market busier and more demanding than ever.

Look at Jose Mourinho, for example. It took the former Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester United boss went 11 months without a job before the Tottenham gig arrived.

So here we give you the Top 5 football managers without a job in 2020.