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Football Misfits: Mario Balotelli, the Italian Black Stallion

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In a new entry of our Football Misfits’ series, we need to talk about the always rebel Mario Balotelli and tell his unique story.

As part of our long-forgotten Football Misfits series, we decided to talk about the always rebel Mario Balotelli for our latest entry.

The Italian striker has always been one of the most unreliable players in the modern football era, but his talent is completely undeniable as he doesn’t mess around when he is in top form.

We recently received the news that Mario will be playing for Brescia this season. This is the club that his adoptive father supported and the squad that had legendary players such as Roberto Baggio and Pep Guardiola in their roster.

After a failed spell at OGC Nice, Mario finally returns to Italy in order to continue his career and possibly find his best level of performance again.

During his prime, this is the player that helped Manchester City get their first-ever Premier League title after providing an assist to Sergio Aguero during the 2011-12 season.

Mario always got into trouble, he was even rejected by FC Barcelona when he was a youngster due to his explosive personality.

There are many great stories about this player’s unique behavior, some of them are so unbelievable that we had to hear them from their actual sources.

We will go through the success that Mario had during his career, but we will also talk about his many off-the-pitch problems.

As a son of Ghanian nationals, Mario went to Italy when he was a child and got adopted by the Balotelli family.

During his young career, this player was spotted by Internazionale Milano at a very early age.

The manager who always believed in his capabilities was Roberto Mancini, who handed him his debut when he coached Inter back in 2006.

Mario broke out into the first squad and he even was part of the team that Jose Mourinho coached when the club won the Treble in 2010.

Mario wasn’t one of the most utilized players by the Portuguese coach, Mourinho recognized Balotelli’s talent but he also acknowledged the explosive personality he had.

There is a very funny story of Mou begging Mario to not get sent off during half time in a game, the player immediately received a red card after going back on the pitch.

This story describes Balotelli in a nutshell, a rebellious player who was always impossible to be tamed by any manager in the world.

There are many footballers with a similar personality, but most of them got a coach who could actually control them and get their best level of performance.

This never happened with Balotelli, he was an indomitable black stallion to any coach who came along to exploit his talents.

Mario’s deep connection with Mancini.

By the time Balotelli won the UEFA Champions League with Jose Mourinho without playing, he decided to go to a new club and followed Roberto Mancini to England.

Manchester City was Mario’s next destination, a club where he actually offered his best years to date.

Although he did become important in the Premier League’s race from 2012, Balotelli was still making headlines in England for his many problems with the law.

This type of player couldn’t remain at a club as prestigious as Manchester City, which is why they eventually decided to sell him to AC Milan.

From that moment forward, Mario completely lost his touch and hasn’t recovered his best version to this day.

We can pin-point Balotelli’s last great performance in a tournament, it goes all the way back to the summer of 2012 when he played for Italy.

During the 2012 European Championship, Mario was one of the Azzurri’s most impressive players alongside Andrea Pirlo.

The striker helped the Italians reach the final, but he was completely owned by the Spain defense in the last match of the competition.

We miss the best Balotelli, hopefully he can bring himself back to the top during the final years of his prime.

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