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Football Misfits: Romario, the Brazilian who surpassed Pele

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In another edition of our Football Misfits series, we look at the only Brazilian who was capable to surpass King Pele: Romario.

Our Football Misfits series is alive and well, this time we will talk about Romario and how this rebellious Brazilian player was the only one who surpassed King Pele.

There have been many amazing Brazilians throughout history. Names like Garrincha, Ronaldo Nazario, Ronaldinho, and even Rivaldo have been compared to the King throughout history.

But none of them has been able to surpass his many incredible records, only Romario was able to accomplish that as a football professional.

It was only fitting that a player as wild as he could be the one who did it, Romario was always a misunderstood genius and we have some crazy stories about him that make him fit this series perfectly.

A misfit is usually one who doesn’t like following the established rules, one who always goes against the system.

If we are talking about Romario, he is the ideal candidate to be considered in this category.

During his time as a star for Brazil and his clubs, Romario never likes training that much and he loved the party life as any other Brazilian does.

The players from this country have created a stereotype over the years, one that is very true and that has been proven over the years.

Even Romario himself confessed that he was always willing to make an escapade in order to go out partying, especially if there were women involved.

It’s funny to think that this party animal turned out to be a politician, but he truly was one of the wildest players in history.

When he played at FC Barcelona, Romario made Johan Cruyff promise that he would allow him to leave for Rio de Janeiro’s carnival if he scored two goals in the next match.

By the 20th minute during the second half, Romario kept his word and he demanded his substitution.

As he left the pitch, the player looked at Cruyff and told him that his plane was leaving in an hour.

This story sums up Romario perfectly, his bubbly personality is one of the reasons people love him so much.

There are also the stories of Romario sneaking at night during the FIFA World Cup to go out, nobody noticed and he still was one of the best players in the tournament.

Despite all those wild stories, this is the one player who could break one of Pele’s impossible records.

The King won three FIFA World Cups and he is considered Brazil’s greatest player in history.

But along came Romario to obliterate one of the records he bragged about the most.

It’s not 1,000 goals, it’s way less than that.

Just as a disclaimer, neither Pele nor Romario scored more than 1,000 goals throughout their careers.

Both players bragged about that but they counted the unofficial ones that came during matches that didn’t count.

In reality, Pele scored 767 official goals for his clubs and his country.

Romario was the only Brazilian player who surpassed this number when he was playing for Corinthians as a veteran, he ended with 772 goals before he decided to hang up his boots.

No other player has been able to reach those numbers, the one who comes closer today is Neymar Jr.

Not even Ronaldo Nazario could get that far, but only because he suffered those terrible knee injuries.

It’s Romario who did it, and he deserves all the credit for it. His savage personality responds to a profile that has been well-documented throughout history in various sports.

We talk about misfits in football because this is a football-only website, but we can talk about sports misfits for days and come up with several stories that are fascinating to the reader who loves history and mischief.

Much like all the other misfits from this series, Romario is one of a kind and he there will never be another player quite like him.

What do you think about Romario’s record and legacy as a Football Misfit? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.