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Top 5 football players who starred in their 40s

Top 5 football players who starred in their 40s
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With Cristiano Ronaldo being backed to play into his 40s, it’s time to check out the Top 5 football players who starred at that age.

Many current and retired football players have backed Cristiano Ronaldo to continue starring into his 40s in the last few years. And given his performances at 35, it wouldn’t surprise any of us either.

Recently, we’ve seen several big-names defy the laws of mother nature to continue performing at the highest level. It’s happening more frequently as we begin the 2020 decade.

Players used to fade away rather drastically in their thirties, with injuries occurring more frequently. Recovery times also took even longer than usual.

Yet, football is seeing a growing trend in ageing stars thanks to the advancements of medical treatments and technology.

So with this in mind, we give you the Top 5 players who excelled in their forties.