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Top 10 football players with the most fans worldwide

Top 10 football players with the most fans worldwide
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Who has the most fans in 2020? Check it out here as we present the Top 10 most popular football players in the world.

With more than about 3.5 billion fans, football remains the most popular sport across the entire world. Many supporters invest hundreds of their own hard-earned cash just to see their favourite football players in action.

Although the amount of supporters a player has can no longer be based on the number of jersey sales anymore. Instead, we will use social media channels to discover who is the most famous.

It should be noted, though, that we excluded Twitter from our findings because Lionel Messi doesn’t have an official account. That way we hope this will be a more fair and accurate list for our readers.

So, without further ado, we present the ten most popular football players based on their social media followers.

10. Sergio Ramos – 60.5m (fans)

Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid
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The Spanish defender has been a fan favourite since completing a €27m transfer to Real Madrid in 2005 from Sevilla. His leadership skills, outspoken views and antics on the pitch always give people something to discuss.

Thus, it’s not surprising to see Ramos among the football players with the most fans worldwide. He’s gathered strong followings on both Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (16.9M) over the years.

Don’t be surprised if he wins over more supporters in the upcoming years, especially as his importance for Real Madrid is arguably greater than ever.

9. Marcelo – 63.1m

Marcelo, Real Madrid, La Liga, Zinedine Zidane
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The 31-year-old has been a regular fixture in the Real Madrid line-up following his €6.50m transfer from Fluminense in 2007. It was quite a turnaround for him, considering he nearly gave up on a football career.

But Marcelo hasn’t wasted a minute of his big opportunity in Spain and has arguably been one of the greatest full-backs of the last decade. Four Champions League and La Liga titles have come his way.

The Brazilian also features prominently on social media with plenty of followers Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (11.8m) and YouTube (1.26m).

8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 67.8m

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, AC Milan
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Next up on this list of popular football players in the fiery Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The big Swede has dazzled supporters over the years through his sublime ball skills and sensational goals. Add his outrageous comments to the mix, then it’s easy to understand why he’s so popular.

Zlatan is also a bit of a serial winner in football, having won 11 league titles in four different nations. He’s currently playing for AC Milan again to revive his old club’s glory days in Italy.

Naturally, the 38-year-old boasts many fans on his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (6.4m) accounts.

7. Gareth Bale – 69.9m

Gareth Bale
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Bale’s profile has soared ever since joining Real Madrid in 2013 from Tottenham for a then-world record fee of €101m.

He’s enjoyed many memorable moments in the Spanish capital from scoring decisive goals in Champions League finals to winning the biggest club trophies available. Although it may surprise you to see him in this list, considering the recent disdain towards him.

But Bale’s social media accounts suggest otherwise, with many supporters keeping tabs on him across the globe. He’s also got 18.2m people following him on Twitter.

6. James Rodriguez – 76m

James Rodriguez, Real Madrid
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This one may be a bit of a surprise considering James’ career has backtracked in recent years. He’s no longer the same exciting prospect that won the 2014 World Cup Golden Boot award in Brazil.

After falling out of favour at Real Madrid, the Colombian had a mixed two-year loan spell at Bayern Munich before returning to Spain last summer.

But hopes of reviving his Los Blancos career are seemingly over, with James making just seven league appearances in an injury-plagued campaign. Although his popularity amongst the fans remains strong.

5. Ronaldinho Gaucho – 85.5m

Ronaldinho Gaucho
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The Brazilian certainly had the ‘Wow’ factor going for him during his prestigious career through his ball control, dribbling abilities and skilful tricks.

The retired superstar could provide a team with goals, assists and plenty of crafty moves during his peak days. And while it’s been nine years since Ronaldinho last played in Europe, he’s popularity remains great.

The 38-year-old keeps fans updated on his post-football career through his social media channels and is back in the headlines again following his jail stint in Paraguay.

4. David Beckham – 112.5m

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From his free-kicks to marrying Posh Spice, Beckham has been one of the most famous athletes in the last two decades.

The ex-Real Madrid star enjoyed a brilliant career that saw him become a league champion in England, Spain, America and France. Not a bad haul for one guy, right?

Despite retiring in 2013, Beckham remains a big deal in the football world and recently launched his own MLS team called Inter Miami. No doubt this will increase his number of followers on social media.

3. Neymar – 194m

Neymar, PSG
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Regarded as one of the world’s elite players, Neymar’s dazzling skills have thrilled fans for years. Few can imitate him, especially on a weekly basis. That, along with his antics, have made him one of the most popular footballers.

The multi-skilled star is the biggest talent from Brazil since Ronaldinho and Kaka. His passing, ball control and shooting abilities are brilliant with either foot. Add his explosive pace to the mix, then you have the full package.

So it’s not a great shock to see Neymar as the third most famous footballer in the world. He also keeps fans updated on social media through his various off-pitch exploits, making him a must-follow for everyone.

2. Lionel Messi – 234m

Lionel Messi
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While he prefers a normal private and laidback lifestyle compared to most of his peers, Messi’s popularity never ceases to amaze.

The Barcelona star’s godly-talents alone have made him one of the most famous faces in the world. Just about everybody in football knows and admires him, with many hailing him as the greatest.

Messi has three social media accounts in Facebook, Instagram and surprisingly YouTube. He mostly uses the first two options to release posts related to his sponsors. Although sometimes he gives a glimpse into his family life.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 329m

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus
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Unsurprisingly, the number one spot belongs to Ronaldo.

The Portuguese superstar is probably the most famous active athlete right now, given his on-field exploits and growing commercial value. Every major corporation wants a slice of Ronaldo’s fame and pay him big money to become the face of their marketing campaigns.

Of course, Ronaldo has accounts on all four social media platforms. Although he hasn’t updated his YouTube one for a few years now.