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Football proves that fans can be from all over the world

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Thanks to a fantastic video from Betway, we can talk about a Taboo subject in football. A club’s fan can come from anywhere in the world.

From the moment football was created in the late 1800s until the modern-day, its evolution has completely transformed the sport thanks to the fans from all over the world.

There is a Taboo subject that tends to come up from several parts of the biggest clubs on the planet. The fans from any club’s city feel more entitled to support their squad when you compare them to another fan from a different continent.

A fantastic video from Betway, in which Mark Noble and Declan Rice explore this subject, tells us that the passion for a club can be equally strong regardless of where it comes from. In some cases, there are supporters who study their favorite club’s history and can even know more about their squad than supporters from the team’s own city.

Noble himself traveled to the city of Shanghai in order to meet Pan, who is a diehard supporter for the Hammers since he was a child. The London club’s captain could see this globalized passion first-hand. He was amazed at the knowledge that Pan had about the club and understands what it means to be a football club’s fan from a different side of the country.

Perhaps the experience of supporting the club is different if you are inside the club’s city or abroad, but the passion for the club remains the same. The video is a documentary filmed by Betway and it’s called ‘Over Land and Sea’. It is a unique exploration of how important football has become on the other side of the world.