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Top 10 most profitable football stadiums in 2020

Top 10 most profitable football stadiums in 2020
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Which venues make the most money? Find out here in this Top 10 list of the most profitable football stadiums in 2020.

It’s the world’s most popular and lucrative sport, with billions of fans worldwide. So it is a big must for clubs in 2020 to prove a top-class and very profitable football stadium for them.

The supporters never forget going through those tunnels and seeing the field for the first time. For many, it’s a life-changing experience and one worth paying a lot of money.

Sadly, though, some clubs seem to take advantage in charging insane amounts for a ticket. In fact, some prices you would have to see to believe…

Many fans, of course, spend their hard-earned cash on a ticket anyway to see their favourite clubs in action. There really is nothing like watching the best players perform live.

So here we give you the Top 10 winners in Europe who make the most profits from ticket sales.