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‘Football will be appreciated more after coronavirus pandemic’

'Football will be appreciated more after coronavirus pandemic'
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Sheffield boss Chris Wilder believes football would be more appreciated following a lengthy suspension due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Football has not been played in England since early March due to the spread of Covid-19 throughout the country.

Following a positive turn of things, the Premier League and other sports are set to resume in the United Kingdom.

Starting the 17th of June, the English top flight would kick off once again after three months out.

Wilder, whose Sheffield United side are currently seventh in the Premier League, is excited for football to return and believes everyone’s appreciation for it has grown.

“It’s a sad period, but everyone’s come together, adhered to government guidelines, stuck to what we needed to do,” Wilder told Beyond The Ball as per Evening Standard.

“Obviously social media has connected a lot of people. And I do believe, we’ve all talked about how much football means to us and to never take it for granted.”

“What the game’s all about, the principles of the game and the desire, the belief, the respect and honesty, of what the game is all about.

“I think we will treat the game of football in a lot better way and don’t take it all for granted when we all come back.”