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Footballing magic – Taarabt shows off totally sick skills

adel taarabt, benfica
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Adel Taarabt pulled off a sick nutmeg on his opponent in the Champions League clash between Benfica and Zenit St Petersburg.

You see it all the time on the training field.

Players trying to one-up each other just for laughs.

However, when it comes to Adel Taarabt he takes great pleasure in the public humiliation of his opponent.

As Zenit’s Aleksandr Yerokhin approached Taarabt, he should have sensed something was up.

Taarabt held on to the ball, waiting for the Zenit player to commit himself to the challenge.

As soon as he did, he knew he’d been done.

Taarabt cheekily rolled the ball in between his legs with the underside of his boot.

All Yerokhin could do was turn in desperation and try and grab ahold of the cheeky Morrocan.

The mug of the week award has to go to Aleksandr Yerokhin.

But to Adel Taarabt, you sir are quite simply magic!