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For Didier Deschamps, Kylian Mbappe is not a robot

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Amid all the criticism coming against Kylian Mbappe for allegedly being distracted, manager Didier Deschamps came out in his defense.

The previous performance that Kylian Mbappe delivered against Turkey was heavily criticized by the media, manager Didier Deschamps had to defend him.

The young forward has been mildly distracted over the last few months, he didn’t do well during the cup final between PSG and Rennes as he received a red card for a nasty foul he committed.

Kylian is also reportedly unhappy with the way he’s been treated by the club’s president, he believes he deserves more credit for this season’s success.

All of these small details have been piling up with Mbappe, which has translated into his performances on the pitch.

The game he played against Turkey last week received a lot of criticism, but he could reverse those critics yesterday after the performance he gave against Andorra.

Mbappe finally got a new chance to prove himself and he did it by reaching a new record, the youngster scored his 100th goal for club and country.

However, the pressure about Mbappe’s future is something that won’t change during the summer.

The player already knows what he can expect from the press over the next couple of months, all he wants is to move away from the spotlight and enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

Manager Didier Deschamps did come out to defend the player after so much criticism fell on his shoulders.

There is no reason to think that the high standards he placed on himself will always remain, there will be times when Mbappe won’t perform at his best.

Deschamps will always be there to defend him when this happens, the boss knows that Kylian is only a kid after all.

“He is the first one who gets mad when he doesn’t perform. He doesn’t do it on purpose but he can’t always be successful,” said Deschamps via Diario AS.

“I am under the impression that he is currently going through the same situation that Pogba has endured for months, even years.”

“We do expect a lot from him but he’s gone through a long season in which he’s been very successful. He wasn’t at his best last Saturday but the whole squad didn’t play well.”

“Kylian always adjusts himself to our needs. Tonight he played on the left and he can move anywhere on the pitch. Having him in this state of mind was great.”

“Not everybody could psychologically recover from the loss we suffered in Turkey. He needs some vacations.”

“Kylian is piling up the experience but he is not a robot, he is still very young. He has the right attitude with the group, he gets along perfectly with all his teammates.”

“This is the most important thing for me. We already know he has the quality. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Today, things worked out fine for him and the squad.”

We will know about his future in the next two weeks.

Now that Real Madrid has announced Ferland Mendy as their latest transfer, the next targets are either Kylian Mbappe or Paul Pogba.

We’ve been talking about the youngster as one of the most desired players that Florentino and Zidane have on their wish list.

However, Los Blancos’ relationship with PSG is currently more important and they don’t want to mess with it.

If Kylian Mbappe makes a final move and expresses his desire to leave his current club, that’s when the Spanish giants will move for the kill.

The understanding is that they only want Paul Pogba to complete their transfer overhaul at the moment, but the club secretly wishes that Mbappe would send a signal.

For now, the player will enjoy his holiday and he will return to keep dealing with the rumors coming from the press around the world.

We can’t share any more information with you, for now. We do have some bombs from unconfirmed sources but time will give us a better idea about Kylian Mbappe’s future.


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