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For Hope Solo, US women’s football is the best… but they have to get better

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The legendary goalkeeper believes the United States women’s football is the best in the world, but the gap is rapidly closing.

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup will always be remembered as the tournament where the game changed.

More people are interested now in the sport and the United States showed they are still the best.

But the gap is closing between the U.S. and the rest of the world, which is why legendary goalkeeper Hope Solo believes football in America has to change.

“Women’s soccer in America has to be aware of how to remain the best in the world,” she wrote on The Guardian.

“We have put so much focus on the national team that we have cut corners on the domestic professional league.”

She explained: “We want to always win on the biggest stage but countries like Italy, Spain, England, and the Netherlands are fast becoming leaders in player development.”

“It’s incredible how much money has been invested in the Women’s Super League in England and Spain’s Primera Division.”

“You can see how far those countries have come. They will ultimately develop better players than we do in the US unless we reconsider how we approach the big picture,” she added.

“Previously, US teams were competing with our own history. From this point on, we’re competing with the future and with the fact that other nations are quickly catching up.