For Lovren Roma is “his priority”

According to Lovren’s agent, Alessandro Lucci, the hope to join the Italian Lega Serie A side is not lost yet and they remain hopeful.

Dejan Lovren is still hopeful he can join Roma in the Italian Lega Serie A.

“Lovren is very open to joining Roma and I think that’s obvious, seeing as we are talking about a great club,” FIFA agent Alessandro Lucci was quoted by Football Italia.

“After Gianluca Petrachi and Guido Fienga took over, you can tell there is a new and far healthier atmosphere at Roma, along with long-term planning for a great future.”

He explained: “I maintain every operation has its problems, especially for a player of Lovren’s caliber who reached the Champions League Final in the last two seasons.”

“At times, you can overcome these obstacles.”

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“I don’t know if Lovren will join the Giallorossi, but as things stand, that would certainly be his priority,” he said.

“I also want to counter any stories of fitness issues.”

“At the start of last year, after an entire season and the World Cup as a protagonist to the Final for Croatia, he had pelvic strain issues that kept him out for the initial part of the campaign, but that’s all,” the agent concluded.


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