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For Peter Crouch, Stoke City could have beaten Barcelona

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According to the veteran English striker, his club -on its best day- could have given the Blaugrana a difficult game

Stoke City veteran striker Peter Crouch believes that his team under the management of Tony Pulis could have given Barcelona a challenge.

The English Championship team was very strong with many good players under Pulis.

“I always felt that Stoke City under Tony Pulis would give Barcelona a game,” he said on That Peter Crouch podcast as quoted by The Express.

“That team that we had was strong, physical players, it would be unsettling for them.”

“I think 11 men behind the ball at every opportunity. There would be absolutely no gaps for them to play,” he added.

“Then, when we do get set pieces, we take our time over them and everyone’s going forward.”

“We are making it as difficult as possible. When I look at some teams in La Liga and they are playing expansive football and there are holes everywhere,” he commented.

“I think Lionel Messi is the best player who has ever walked the planet. It’s going to be difficult.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily man-mark him but I would give him a kick or two when you are close to him,” he explained.

“If you are going to let the best player in the world dictate the game, you’re going to lose.”