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Forlan reveals Cristiano Ronaldo is an “egotist”

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The Manchester United icon has compared Cristiano Ronaldo with David Beckham after both played for the Red Devils a few years ago.

Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was chosen by Manchester United to replace David Beckham back in 2013.

And according to Red Devils icon Diego Forlan, there were many differences between the two players.

“Ronaldo was an egotist in the dressing room – not like Beckham,” Forlan was quoted by The Express.

“Cristiano always wanted to be near a mirror. He spent all day looking in the mirror.”

Forlan also spoke about the time Beckham and United clashed with Arsenal in the 2002-2003 campaign.

“It was a tremendous rift.”

“It was after a match against Arsenal in the FA Cup and Ferguson was not happy because Robert Pires had made a break down the left, Gary Neville was caught too far forward, and Beckham did not cover,” he said.

“In the locker room, Ferguson and Beckham began to insult each other.”

“Every insult was worse than the last one and both men wanted to have the final word,” he commented.

“Then Ferguson left and it seemed that the discussion was over, but then Beckham said something else.”

“Ferguson turned around and saw a boot lying on the floor and kicked it toward Beckham. A stud hit him in the eyebrow and he was cut,” he said.

“We all saw the blood and thought ‘no, that didn’t happen’ but within a moment both men were getting ready to fight. That was when Roy Keane and Van Nistelrooy stepped in to separate them.”