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Former Bayern player recalls his first encounter with “brutal” Van Gaal

Louis Van Gaal, Bayern Munich
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Alex Baumjohann recalls the first time he met Louis Van Gaal as the new Bayern Munich boss, let’s just say it didn’t go well.

How many of you have ever heard of former Bayern Munich midfielder Alex Baumjohann?

Right just what I thought, probably not many. That’s because Louis Van Gaal all but ended his career before it even really began.

He was brought to the Bavarian Giants by Jurgen Klinsmann. But when Klinsmann’s reign was abruptly ended and Van Gaal took over, things went downhill from there.

Speaking to Goal, Baumjohann reveals how their first encounter set the tone of things to come.

He said:

“I was young, wanted to play more, but it was brutally difficult for me under Louis van Gaal.

“He didn’t know me at all.”

“He didn’t bring me to Bayern either, that was Jurgen Klinsmann.”

“When I introduced myself as Alex at the first training session, he just asked: ‘Alex, who?’ “

“I then gave him my last name and he looked incredulous.”

“I still don’t know whether it was his psycho games or whether he really didn’t know me.”

“But I already knew that it would be a hot place for me if the trainer didn’t know my name.”

“Van Gaal told me that I would have to start in the second team.”

“I actually wanted to leave immediately after the first few weeks.”

He now finds himself playing in Australia’s A League with Sydney FC.

Its no wonder Juan Mata said Van Gaal scared him!