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Former Bury FC chairman Joy Hart chained to stadium

24 Jan 2001: General view of Bury Football Club stadium Gigg Lane during a photoshoot held in Bury, England. Mandatory Credit: Gary M Prior /Allsport

Former Bury FC chairman and director Joy Hart has chained herself to the clubs stadium Gigg lane.

Due to financial issues, and a protracted takeover, which has left the club in financial limbo, all five of the League One club’s fixtures this season have been suspended.

The sixth game scheduled against Tranmere Rovers, this Saturday has already be suspended too.

Current owner Steve dale has only 48 hours to do his bit to help save the club.

Either demonstrate to the football league, he has the funds to operate the football club accordingly or find a suitable buyer who can meet the league’s parameters.

If neither of these course of action is taken satisfactorily, one of the oldest clubs in football faces possible expulsion from the Football League and will, therefore, cease to exist.

There is talk that Hart has failed to meet prospective buyers.

one such party, Joe Sealey, said of the situation:

“I met with Bury six or seven weeks ago. I met the current owner. I went through the financials.”

It is understood that the financial and asking price do not make logical sense for any investor.

According to the Daily Mail, for Joy Hart, however, this is more than money. She is trying to raise awareness of their dire situation and desperate for the club to get help from anywhere.

She said of her actions:

“For as long as possible [I will be chained here].”

“I was hoping to be chained to the Les Hart stand but somebody in their wisdom has chained the doors leading to admittance”

“I’ve been here since this morning, I’ve had numerous news crews here very interested and obviously supporters are coming by the dozen.”

“Bury has given large clubs, and I class Bury as a large club, we don’t have the same supporters or the money.”

“We’ve given them the likes of Colin Bell, Alec Lindsey, Terry McDermott, Neville Southall. So many players who they got for a pittance. “

“Is there a reason now why they cannot all come together and buy Bury?”

“Or give money to some particular person so that Bury can live again for another 135 years.”

“They’ve only got until Friday, it’ll kill us all. The club and the town. Please help us.”

Another northwest team Bolton Wanderers is facing a similar plight.