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Former Irish international weights in on Declan Rice

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The veteran player knows that even after all the controversy Ireland cannot afford to turn the youngster away

Declan Rice said this week that he needed some time to rest and won’t be playing for the Ireland national team for a while.

But there have been rumors that he wants to choose to play for England instead of Ireland.

And many have attacked his decision.

But speaking on TV, former Ireland footballer Daniel Duff has said his country cannot afford to turn the youngster away.

“We’re a very proud nation. Do I want to tell him to do one and go play for England? Of course, I do but we can’t,” he said as quoted by the Pundit Arena.

“We don’t have good enough players, we don’t have a good enough squad so we can’t, we have to let him make his decision.”

“He’s a young boy, he was born in London so let’s be honest, he is English. We’ve benefited many times over the years,” he added.

“If he does go to England, good look to him. I don’t think he’ll play.”

“If he comes here, I think he’ll play a million percent, we can build a team around him and I think it will be forgotten about because he’ll put in man-of-the-match performances like he has done,” he concluded.