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Former Italian footballer thinks Ronaldo failed at Juventus

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During a recent interview, an Italian former footballer explained the reason Cristiano Ronaldo has failed at Juventus since he arrived. 

Although Cristiano Ronaldo already won two Serie A titles and some cup trophies with Juventus, he still hasn’t won the Champions League. According to the always controversial Antonio Cassano, the Portuguese star can be considered a flop at his club. They spent over €100 million to bring him from Real Madrid. This is the most money Juventus has ever paid for a single player and he still hasn’t responded.

Cristiano signed a contract with his club and he still hasn’t managed to win the most important title. Even though they made an effort to sign better players to accompany him or new managers. Ronaldo still hasn’t responded. But from that to call him a complete flop is kind of a stretch. Antonio Cassano doesn’t care though, he wanted to analyze Ronaldo’s time at Juventus. 

“Ronaldo is a flop at Juventus”

As per Football Italia, this is what Cassano said: “He has another year left in his contract, Juventus signed him to win the Champions League, but they have had worst results since he arrived. They would have won Serie A titles also without him. It was the wrong project. For 120 years, winning was the only thing that mattered at Juventus. It is still an obligation, but they tried to change their skin with Sarri and Andrea [Pirlo].

“Ronaldo has nothing to do with Pirlo’s ideas. He will carry on scoring because he can do it even sitting. He cuts inside from the left and can destroy the goal and his headers are unique. Andrea wants to build the action from the back, he wants to press high on the pitch. Ronaldo can decide games, but he doesn’t participate much. I think he did badly in these years unless they manage to win the Champions League.”