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Former Liverpool defender criticizes Harry Kane

Harry Kane
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According to Steve Nicol, Tottenham Hotspur forward Harry Kane has not been as sharp recently and that’s why he’s diving so much.

Tottenham Hotspur star Harry Kane has been receiving a lot of criticism lately.

The player has been accused of diving, and today, former Liverpool defender Steve Nicol explains why they believe this.

“Craig [Burley] said that Harry Kane hasn’t been sharp recently, that bears out,” he said to The Express.

“Both challenges that people are saying he dived, he got the timing completely wrong.”

Nicol explained: “If he was at his best and at his sharpest and focused, he’d get the timing correct and would get the penalty.”

“I’m saying he’s not a diver, he’s looking for contract, that’s always been allowed, it’s nothing new.”

“If the defender is stupid enough to barge into you, that’s his problem, not the guy with the ball,” he added.

“If a guy is going through on the goalkeeper, he’s not going to throw himself on the ground or try and get a penalty.”

“It always happens when the striker is holding the ball out before it goes out of play, or he’s facing away from goal,” he commented.

“It’s called professionalism.”