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Former player reveals how SAF turned Ronaldo into a star

Cristiano Ronaldo
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Eddie Johnson has claimed that Alex Ferguson’s mentoring helped Cristiano Ronaldo unleash his talent.

Upon first seeing Cristiano Ronaldo play for Sporting Lisbon, Sir Alex Ferguson immediately made his mind to sign him.

The Portuguese superstar has himself stated on numerous occasions that he has a special bond with Sir Alex Ferguson. Ronaldo sees the former Man United manager as a father figure.

Eddie Johnson, who played with Ronaldo during his time at United, revealed the relationship between Ronaldo and Sir Alex.

“It was really down to the manager,” Johnson said as per Planet Football.

“I know he talks about how much he respects the boss, and what he did for him, and I think it was the manager that took that talent and directed him in a way that he could get the best out of him.

“It was just the guidance the manager give him in terms of his game management and how he was going to fit within the manager’s style.

“The manager was a father figure to him because Ronaldo’s dad had his issues and had passed away. So I think the manager took on that role and I think that’s one of the main reasons why he got the best out of him.

“The lads give him a bit of grief. They’d say your dad’s here or if there was ever any issues they’d say go and tell your dad about it. But it was all fun and games, and the relationship, in the end, proved to the best for Manchester United and Cristiano.”