Former referee disappointed with VAR reaction

Former referee Paolo Casarin is fully behind the controversial Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and has revealed that he is both “surprised and disappointed by the scepticism” of the technology

VAR has been successfully implemented in both the Serie A and the Bundesliga this season with La Liga and Ligue 1 set to introduce the system to their respective leagues at the start of next season.

But the Premier League has voted against introducing VAR for next season with the decision to delay the introduction of the system being made in a recent meeting between shareholders with the majority of the 20 club members present voting against the system, which left Casarin disappointed.

“Refereeing designator Nicola Rizzoli continues to use young officials who, aided by technology, make fewer and fewer mistakes,” wrote Cavasin in the Corriere della Sera newspaper (via Football-Italia).

Ronaldo admits 2018 was his “toughest year”

Cristiano Ronaldo has explained why 2018 was his most difficult year, but not for professional terms, but in his personal life.

“As time goes on, they also mature in their experience on how to judge quickly at the monitor, which is very different from doing it on the field.

“Confronting the experience of Serie A with the bleak predictions and scepticism of the other Federations leaves me surprised and disappointed.

“It’s almost as if they think having a wrong or unfair result is a value that cannot be removed from the sport.”


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