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Former trainer talks on Ronaldo’s unbelievably hard’ routine

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal, Serie A
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Craig Lewis has opened up on Cristiano Ronaldo’s incredible work ethic during his time with the Portugal national team.

At 34 years of age, when many start to contemplate on calling it quits, and even more are unable to perform despite their desire to continue, Cristiano Ronaldo is showing no signs of slowing down.

In 16 games, the Juventus superstar has scored 14 goals and stand second in the Serie A goalscoring charts.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s stories of dedication and unmatched obsession for perfection is known by almost every football fan. And once again, another one of Ronaldo’s colleagues has chimed in on his incredible lifestyle.

Sport scientist Craig Lewis and former trainer in the Portugal national team has spoken highly of Ronaldo’s work ethics during his time working with him in 2010.

“From a personal point of view he works unbelievably hard,” Lewis told Express Sports.

“We would do optional sessions and he would always do them. He would be one of the seven or eight players that would do the additional time in the gym.

“Ronaldo is an absolute professional and it’s why he is still at the top of his game. He knows what he needs to do and how to perform regularly.”