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Former United full-back criticises Arnautović

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Former Red Devil Gary Neville has lashed out at the Austria international following a poor performance against Brighton.

English pundit Gary Neville has criticized the showing of Marko Arnautović as the Hammers suffered a 0-3 home loss against Brighton on Friday.

West Ham have been struggling to find their form since the start of the season and Neville believes that one person in particular is simply not doing enough to help his team-mates. The former Manchester United right-back has questioned Arnautović’s  contribution to the defense, stating that only a player from the calibre of Cristiano Ronaldo should be allowed to get away with insufficient defensive work.

“I have only ever played with one player that had an excuse not to track back and that was Cristiano Ronaldo,” Neville told Sky Sports. “He scored 40 goals in a season.”

“Arnautović is Ronaldo in his own mind. That’s the problem, he thinks he is better than he is.”

Another well-known pundit on the Island, Jamie Carragher, shared the same opinion regarding the Austrian: “I was very critical of Arnautović during the game, he was a huge money signing,” he said.

“It can be difficult to settle and show your true form at a new club, but that performance was not one you think was desperate to show everyone what he can do.”