Karel Poborsky played for Manchester United in the English Premier League after helín the Czech Republic reach the 1996 Euro Final.

Former Czech Republic international and Manchester United winger Karel Poborsky suffered a brain infection that could have killed him.

He played for Benfica and Lazio in the past, as well as many Czech clubs, and even took the Czech Republic national team to the 1996 Euro Final.

“If I arrived at the hospital one day later than I did, this interview would not happen. I arrived at the hospital too late to find out the root of the infection; they put me straight into a coma,” he told The Guardian.

“After I woke up, they asked me what my name was and the seven times table.”

He explained: “All of my face muscles were paralyzed – it was an infection of the brain.”

Raheem Sterling, Manchester City, Premier League

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Raheem Sterling is considered as one of the leaders of the youth England movement looking to make an impact in Europe.

“I spent three weeks quarantined in hospital on powerful antibiotics, directly to the veins. I couldn’t eat, I had to keep my eyes covered because I was so sensitive to light. I was very scared.”

He also spoke about that time the reached the Euro Final: “Nobody expected anything from us. We were the dark horse. We could only surprise.”

“In the national team, I made nearly 120 appearances and scored only eight times, which shows my game was based around supporting others.”

“But some of the goals that I did score were special and looked like that,” he added.

“Before the final, we felt that all of England cheered for us because Germany beat them in the semi-finals. Inside the tiny, old dressing room, I felt that three-quarters of the stadium supported us, which was an amazing feeling.”


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