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Frank Lampard stunned by Bielsa’s PowerPoint presentation

Reading v Derby County - Sky Bet Championship
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Frank Lampard has declared that those who work in football will be surprised at Marcelo Bielsa’s laughable presentation.

Lampard thinks his analysis had nothing new and was no different from what everyone else can analyse.

Leeds manager Bielsa had earlier talked about Derby County’s skills on Wednesday after revealing how he sent his coaching staff to spy on every Championship team at their training grounds this season.

“He gave an impression,” Lampard said, according to Daily Mail

“An impression of himself. I haven’t seen Pep Guardiola give that, I haven’t seen Jurgen Klopp give that, Mauricio Pochettino give that.

“They do it behind closed doors, definitely, but they don’t do it to the public.”

“It’s really simple. It’s probably a nice eye-opener for the fan to see it, because most of these things are done behind closed doors. They’re done everywhere,” he continued.

“There’s no amazement. Anyone who works in football will not be amazed in the slightest. It’s par for the course.”

“It is what it is now. We all know what’s been happening across the board. It’s certainly in the league’s hands. It’s certainly a league issue now because it’s our league, it’s every team. So it’s up to them to decide what goes on from now.”

Asked whether it left him surprised, Lampard said:

“Yes. Surprised? Definitely. It’s incredible.”