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Frank Leboeuf understands Pogba’s post-World Cup struggles

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France’s 1998 World Cup winner Frank Leboeuf sympathises with Paul Pogba struggles to rediscover his form after the glory he experienced with the national team

The 25-year-old midfielder played a key role in France’s second World Cup title in the summer.

However, upon his return to Manchester United, Pogba has appeared to be a mere shadow of the player that he was at Russia.

This has put Pogba in the firing line with United also struggling for form this season.

But former Chelsea defender Leboeuf knows full well what Pogba is going through and urged fans to remain patient with the star.

The 50-year-old reckons that Pogba needs time to rediscover his “big appetite” after the glory he tasted over the summer.

“It was very hard to come back to Chelsea, to the training ground, to start running, to think we had to play the first game away to Coventry,” Leboeuf told ESPN.

“As Paul said, you touch the stars. For thousands of people it wasn’t a dream, it was a fantasy.

“Suddenly you win it and you have to find the goals to make sure you still have a big appetite in football.

“You go through a kind of a depression where you have to find what you’re fighting for.

“Maybe that’s what Paul is living right now with all the players.

“You have to find back the pleasure of being back with your friends and liking sweating and suffering for the sake of it.

“It comes little by little. You have to work hard to try and win trophies, it’s the only way to make sure you’re still concerned about your sport.”

Pogba has managed five goals and four assists in 15 appearances for United this term.