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Franz Beckenbauer wants Jurgen Klopp for Bayern Munich

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During an interview with Bild, Franz Beckenbauer confessed that one of his dreams is to someday sign Jurgen Klopp for Bayern Munich.

The season that Jurgen Klopp just competed at Liverpool leaves him as one of the most prestigious managers in the world, good enough for Bayern Munich.

Apparently, the might of a club such as the Bavarians is vast and they are currently looking to get a hold of a manager who can last for many years there.

Although Klopp suffered form many years at the hands of Bayern Munich when he coached Borussia Dortmund, the Liverpool coach still sees the Bavarian squad as one of the most prestigious in the world.

During his time in German football, the Reds’ boss saw how many of the players he groomed left to play for the German giants.

This whole time he saw how the bigger squad took his pupils must’ve been quite difficult from him to withstand.

Now that he is succeeding in England, Bayern has already set their sights on him for the future.

Far from actually rejecting this possibility due to how much the club made him suffer in the past, Klopp is actually keen on the idea of someday coaching Bayern Munich after hearing what Franz Beckenbauer had to say about him.

The Bundesliga giants dream of the day when Jurgen Klopp can become the next manager of their squad, but the Liverpool boss knows that this possibility is still a long way ahead.

Klopp has come a long way from that Mainz manager.

So many years of experience coaching decent clubs in professional football have brought Jurgen Klopp to where he is right now.

There was a general misconception about this manager not being good enough for his work despite the obvious great results.

Reaching several finals and losing almost all of them, had this manager as someone very unfortunate.

Contrary to what the rest of the people said about him, Klopp never saw himself as unlucky.

If we look at the glass half full, Jurgen is actually one of the most fortunate people in the world.

He has one of those dream jobs that anybody would kill for, he does what he loves and he is very unapologetic about it.

All these trades are what attracted Franz Beckenbauer in the first place.

“I want nothing more than to see Klopp come to Bayern one day, it would be a good fit,” Beckenbauer said to Bild.

“Jurgen brought a new type of football to Germany… what he began in Dortmund, he has refined in Liverpool.”

“I think that a job in England robs you of energy. As a manager in the Premier League, you have more responsibility than as a coach in the Bundesliga.”

“With the two cup competitions and the slightly larger league, the number of games is considerably higher than it is in Germany.”

The Liverpool manager likes the idea, only not for now.

Klopp confessed that he is keen on this idea, but he wouldn’t betray Liverpool at the moment.

In fact, the club’s board of directors is already looking into a possible long-term contract for Jurgen Klopp and they obviously want him to remain there for at least another five years.

The German manager confessed that he likes Beckenbauer as much as the legend likes him, but he reckons the timing for this is simply not right.

The Premier League is about to enter a very successful period, one of the most competitive in recent history.

It is obvious that Jurgen Klopp doesn’t want to miss the incredible years that are coming in English football, he wants to be one of the names that are involved in this revolution.

For now, all those Bayern Munich fans who dream of someday watching Klopp coaching their squad will have to wait.

They will have to see how Niko Kovac attempts to win trophies with the squad that he has at the moment.

Bayern is currently under construction, they have a long way to go before they can become as competitive as most of the clubs from the Premier League’s top six.

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