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Fraudioal reverted back to Guardiola because of his players

Pep Guardioal, manchester city
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Pep Guardiola joked about his “fraudiola” nickname, and that his player’s hard work gave him back his true name.

In his post-match press conference, reported by the Express.co.uk, Guardiola refused to lay blame at the feet of specific players with public criticism.
It’s just not Pep’s style to public humiliate or berate his players. He will stand by them, and man manages in the privacy of the clubs facilities.
Guardiola has been branded a fraud and thus given the name “fraudiola” by rival fans, because of his tactical changes to ensure Premier League success.
He said:
“They gave me all the prestige I have in England when the first season when it was Fraud Guardiola, Fraudiola.”

“This kind of game here in England – it’s not possible to play because you need to have tackles.”

“You have to play like that – these players gave me the prestige that I have.”

“And now all around the world people say how good a manager I am – it’s for them, not for me.”

The reflected on the team’s failures.

He added:

“With Newcastle, it was completely different, we scored one goal and we forgot to play, [against Norwich] that didn’t happen.”

“We were not precise upfront or we made individual mistakes but I am responsible for that, but that is part of the game.”

“Sometimes it happens and the players know it’s not necessary to tell them or watch some clips.”

“Right now in the locker room, they know they have to improve on that or it will not be possible to compete [for the title].”

Even though they already find themselves five points adrift of league leaders Liverpool, Guardiola is calm.

He continued:

“Nobody was shouting or angry with each other.”

“You know, everybody makes mistakes.”

“It gets magnified when you lose, you also make mistakes when you win.

“In the end, the people may be a little bit down you pick them up as a team and you go on.”

“Wednesday we try to win the game because it’s important to win the away game in Shakhtar.”

He was sure to remind everyone how good the competition is, but also that his team clawed back a seven-point deficit lasts season to win the League for the second year running.

He Concluded:

“Last year, we were seven points behind [Liverpool].”

“Of course, we want to win every game but it is difficult. You have to give respect to the other team also and they did well.”

Manchester City
NORWICH, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 14: Pep Guardiola, Manager of Manchester City reacts during the Premier League match between Norwich City and Manchester City at Carrow Road on September 14, 2019 in Norwich, United Kingdom. (Photo by Paul Harding/Getty Images)