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From Mbappe to Haaland FIFA 21 is all about the celebrations

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From Kylian Mbappe’s crying to Erling Haaland’s meditation it looks like FIFA 21 is all about the celebrations.

As EA Sports and FIFA 21  push the boundaries of gaming technology, it appears that they are getting into the realm of not only how the players pull off their trademark moves, and how they score their most famous goal, but also how they celebrate.

Goal celebrations are an important part of football these days. This season has seen the obvious showmen, the jump and chop from Ronaldo, and the posing of Neymar.

We even see Trent Alexander Arnold copy CR7.

However, there have been a couple of additions to the showmanship of celebration this year, as the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland come of age.

The young and onetime shy World Cup winner Mbappe has been spending more and more time with the flam buoyant Brazilian teammate Neymar. It is clear to see his personality is rubbing off on the youngster.

Once happy to punch the air and stand in front of the camera kissing his badge, now the world’s most expensive teenager, Mbappe wants to reduce his opponent to tears.

Then there is the relative newcomer to the scene of world superstar teenager, Erling Haaland. The Norwegian has been in phenomenal form but pales in comparison to the stardom of Mbappe.

However, he has risen quickly in the showmanship circuit and developed his own trademark.

The meditating Buddha Has been added into the mix too.

Check out the clip from FIFA, introduced by none other than the founding father of arrogant celebrations in football, Eric Cantona.