From the field to the console, how Fuchs is changing football

The Austrian international and Leicester City footballer was one of the first professional players to set up his very own eFootball team.

Christian Fuchs started his professional career in 2002, and he has played for six different teams: Wiener Neustadt, Mattersburg, Bochum, Mainz, Schalke, and now with Leicester City in the English Premier League.

He has also played for Austria in the nation’s youth squads, as well as the senior national team.

But what people might not know about him, is that he has his own eFootball team.

“One day I saw my son watching something on Twitch and I began to take an interest in it, especially when I realised that my son was a fan of the person streaming the game,” he told FIFA about this passion he has for videogames.

“After that, I did some research of my own, met the right people and thought about whether it would be something for the future – which it is.”

“The market is growing and growing. Sometimes I make decisions very quickly and here we are in London six months later at the FIFA eClub World Cup,” he continued.

“When I get an idea in my head then I invest all of my passion into making it a reality. And today we are one of the biggest – if not the biggest – eFootball teams in the world.”

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“I wanted us to be an international group right from the start, which is why we signed players from India, Singapore, England and Denmark,” he explained.

“I want to bring through the next eFootball stars because there are already so many good players, which is why we’re focusing on the next generation. A lot of our players made noticeable progress after just one or two months with us.”

“I’m asked that question quite a lot and I always try to answer it differently. It’s difficult to draw comparisons because both sports are obviously very similar in some respects and there’s a connection,” he said.

“There will always be new stars and therefore there’ll always be a future for both the virtual sport and the real one.”


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