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Funny guy Mourinho – surely he’s not desperate enough for Crouch?

Peter Crouch, Jose Mourinho, Tottenham
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Jose Mourinho’s taking the aid of humor as he and Tottenham Hotspur are in a desperate situation following another injury.

Mourinho suggested yesterday that South Korean goal scorer Son could be out longer than Harry Kane.

Kane is pushing for a return before the end of the season and maybe has half a chance. Mourinho has alluded to the fact that Son will be lucky to be back before the end of the season.

In his press conference, Jose tried to put some humor into his injury crisis.

He called on an old guard to give him a hand.

He was asked at his press conference about an emergency signing. If there was a similar rule in the Premier league like the one Barcelona is using in La Liga.

Jose did not believe so but called out the name of a recently retired player who might be able to help.

He replied:

“I am not aware of the possibility but Peter Crouch.”

The tongue in cheek suggestion by the Portuguese tactician got the recently retired former Spurs and England man fired up.

Crouch took to social media to accept Jose’s challenge.