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Funny Video – Pogba combines two challenges and it didn’t go to plan

Paul Pogba
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Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba combined the “prank your missus” and the “toilet paper challenge” the result was not good.

We have seen the football stars take both the “toilet paper” and the “prank your missus” challenges. But Paul Pogba’s combo challenge went very wrong.

Earlier Paul Pogba released an Adidas promo video, advising people to stay home.

Encouraging his fans to enjoy the beautiful game form the safety of their own home and enjoy family time as he is.

He then posted a video of what can only be deemed a Paul Pogba combo challenge.

The Frenchman took the “toilet paper” challenge and the “prank your missus” challenge and made a hybrid.

He pranked his non-footballing wife to do try and do the toilet paper challenge.

The result was disastrous and maybe a touch painful for their little son who was watching intently.

He tossed her the loo roll, she managed a couple of touches.

Then disaster, the stray flying roll popped the poor little fella in the face.

It can only be hoped this was extra soft toilet paper.

Check it out courtesy of YouTuber ScoreBat Football.